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Antigone by Sophocles



for one intense week in the summer of 2019, two artists, one from Czech Republic, and the other from Greece, donated their time to create, with the local people of our village, a reading of the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone. The rehearsals became a workshop for exploring identity, and gender, power and tradition, as in the classical tragedy itself. Jan Preková and Adonis Volanakis worked for months in advance, beginning as residents at ArtMill in 2018, to bring the text to the Czech language, and create a form that could be learned, discussed and interpreted to the public in a short time period. Our local villagers rose to the occasion, practicing daily to learn the lines, and finally performing it to the public. A discussion was opened up on the performance eve, led by Adonis, about the meaning of Antigone to our local people and their own lives. Present on stage were also some of the invited honored guests, our local Civic Women.       Special thanks to the Mayor of Horažd'ovice, Michael Forman, who graciously awarded our Civic Women awards following the performance. 

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