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Dee Hibbert-Jones is interested in the ways we struggle to feel secure, manage anxiety, and work to escape reality given the personal and political insecurities of the 21st century. She explores psychological, political and emotional states, making sculptures, drawings and installations that connect personal feelings and public lives.

For ArtMill, Dee and her partner Nomi Talisman set up a game of "POST OFFICE" with the students. They were all invited to send a message to the artists, a question, a drawing, and leave it on the ladder "post box" outside the studio. By the following day, the message was "answered" in the same language as the question, and with often sage pieces of cultural and historical information for all students and teachers at ArtMill. It was a lesson in communication and sharing for all of us, and made the world seem a little bit wiser and more humane, for that week.

Hibbert-Jones works independently and in collaboration with individuals and communities creating projects that “fix” emotional feelings, suggest or invite methods of escape, address germ warfare and investigate urban sprawl. The results of these investigations materialize as public interventions, installations, drawin gs and sculptures in public spaces, gallery installations and on the web. Born in the UK She received her BA (London University), MA (York University) and MFA (Mills College) USA. Her work has been exhibited at the Zokei University Museum, Tokyo, the Kyoto University Art Center, Japan, Galeriazero, Spain, GAS New York, the Southampton Institute for Art, England, CESTA Czech Republic, Northern Arizona University Museum, AZ, among other galleries and alternative spaces. She was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Project Grant (with the Berkeley Arts Center) an Institute for Research in the Arts Grant. She has been awarded commissions from the Packard Foundation and the National Parks Service among other organizations. Hibbert-Jones collaborates frequently with her partner, Nomi Talisman. She is an assistant professor of art at UC Santa Cruz.

Dee Hibbert-Jones CV

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