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Felicia Rice    2019
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The Necropolitics of Abstraction, with T.J. Demos:  was Felicia's project while on residency at ArtMill  

creating rubbings at the Jewish Cemetery in Prague


Felicia was generous enough to help design our booklet for the Civic Women Project at ArtMill support by ArtDialog: děkuji!


About Felicia Rice and Moving Parts Press:
Felicia Rice is a book artist, typographer, letterpress printer, publisher, and educator. In the mid-’70s, while a student of the history of the book and typography, she also learned to handset type, operate old-style letterpresses, and run a hot lead typecasting machine. In 1977 she set Moving Parts Press in motion. With one foot firmly planted in the 19th century and the other in the 21st, she utilizes letterpress and now digital technologies to produce limited edition artists books in collaboration with visual and performing artists, writers, and philosophers. Work from the Press is included in exhibitions and collections widely, both nationally and internationally, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants.

Rice writes, “As a printer, my job is to confront complex issues and render my response in book form. As an artist, my job is to do so with profound integrity. As a publisher, my job is to make these issues public. As printers have done 
every decade since Gutenberg, I’m here to respond to argue for a more just society. It is critical that we do not to remain silent when any living being is attacked, humiliated, or their dignity is harmed. We can speak out as individuals, or better still, we can come together to organize and support one another in taking action to support the dignity of all members of our communities.”

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