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How does climate change affect migration? What are population shifts, increasing ethnic and cultural mixing bringing to our shared futures? We invited artists to submit works, ideas, images, films to address both the richness and the problems that we are facing in the next decade with mass migrations inevitably occurring as island nations go under water, farmers lose arable land from Africa to Australia, and the concept of borders is challenged.  


Starting with the renowned environmental artists, Helen and Newton Harrison, who were some of the pioneers in looking at ecological systems with a creative eye to solutions, the show explores not only issues of immigration and migration, but how climate is influencing these shifts.


Helen and Newton Harrison (USA)

Lewis Watts (USA)

Jana Prekova (CZ)

Tomas Hruza (CZ)

Enrique Martinez Leal (SPAIN/USA)

Gabriela BK (CZ/USA)

Dee Hibbert-Jones (BRITAIN/USA)& nomi talisman (ISRAEL/USA)

Adela Matasova (CZ)

Nsodu Alfred Mbinglo & the West African women artists (CAMEROON/GHANA)

Martin Zet (USA)

Petra Hudcova (CZ/USA)

Lise Wulff (NORWAY)

Vladimir Havlik  (CZ)

Barbara Benish (CZ/USA)

Maribel Barcena Lopez (USA)

Margita Titlova (CZ)

Tomáš Ruller (CZ)

Štepanka Šimlová (CZ)

Mark Cervenka (USA)

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