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ArtDialog welcomes applications for 1-3 month summer internships at our center ArtMill in the following areas: exhibitions & education, gardens/farm, kitchens, studio. 


ArtDialog's mission in intersectionall and interdisciplinary education is at the heart of our internship program. An internship at ArtMill gives depth-of-learning in a chosen field, while all interns are given the opportunity to experience life on a rural sustainable farm and create their own art. Interns live and work at ArtMill, giving them the chance to work for an internationally acclaimed arts organization, and become part of an active artist community.  All interns receive full room and board during their stay, studio space, and often have opportunities to exhibit work. All internships are unpaid but there is possibility for college credit. Interns are expected to work 30 hours/week. Life at ArtMill is rural and rustic and our work is grassroots, we ask that all applicants be ready to get their hands dirty and get down to work! 


All applicants for internships must be 18 years of age or older.


To apply send your resume and cover letter outlining department of interest and experience in selected area to with the subject line, “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION”


ArtMill is not currently hiring. Check back!


Coming Soon!

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