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LISE WULFF -  2012

Norwegian artist Lise Wulff joined ArtMill as Artist in Residence from  June 3 – 13, 2012


During her stay at ArtMill, Lise Wulff based her work on the theme of 'Beneath' - things that are unconscious, underground, below the surface and otherwise ignored. This found expression through her chosen mediums of metal and glass and other natural materials and culminated in the exhibtion at Galerie Califia.



Whilst at the Mill, Lise also created work to run alongside Bohemian Workshops - an anuual university study abroad programme that runs at ArtMill. IN 2012, Bohemian Workshop students joined the UN Safe Planet Campaign to raise awareness of plastics and chemical pollution.


Lise was invited to create work at Musuem Kampa, a key location in the voyage of the ArtMill/Safe Planet plastic bottle raft which sailed the Vltava in Prague.


Lise installed the sound piece "Signs of Life" in the sculpture garden of the museum. In this site specific piece, sound streamed from the ground, from a hidden speaker. The piece communicated with the auditory sense of the attentive visitor.  No visual sign was given to attract the attention. Still, the carefully selected placement under the sycamore maple tree added an important dimension to the work. Once discovered, the piece invited the audience to sit down by the tree and take in the sound from the ground. Simultaneously, the beauty of the tree is visually present, with it's branches and leaves drawing patterns on the sky. Just as the sound is rising from the ground, so does the tree - both of them providing their individual signs of a living Earth. Sounds were by the Norwegian musician Mathias Eick.


Lise Wulff was born in Oslo in 1970. At the age of 18, she firmly set out for a completely different profession than the artistic one. She studied economics and business administration, and worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, and later the PA Consulting Group. After some years, she realized that she had ended up in the wrong place.  She went back to school, studied art for 3 years at "Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt", and graduated in 2004.  Since then, she has participated in several exhibitions and art projects, and she is in the collection of companies such as First, Astra Zeneca, Duborgh and Handelsbanken.  Lise Wulff is working with land art, sculptures and paintings.  She explores various techniques, such as the use of chemical photographic paper, glass, stone, wool, bamboo canes, chicken wire, etc.  Wulff is also involved in art projects related to dignity and environmental issues


Lise Wulff's recent projects include:

2012: Dignity Art project related to the Nordic Somali Youth Summit in Oslo, opened by the Norwegian Crownprince Haakon

2011: Teater project connected to Bærum Teaterskole's performance about dignity

2010: International Flag Project

2007: Art Diploma for "Foreningen for brystkreftopererte"

2006: Art as a Team Work project commissioned by Astra Zeneca


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