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Sonya Darrow’s Artist Statement:


Sonya’s art practice consists of being an Artist-Teacher, heirloom caretaker and community organizer. She started a program with Goodwill that is based on an artist in residence program. It gives others an opportunity to be creative in this type of organizational setting; exploring the different roles of an artist. She sets up her studio inside Goodwill stores. It opens a dialogue with the community through interactions in art making. She built this program to impact the mission of Goodwill; giving artistic opportunities to people with disabilities. It provides them the same access as any artist. Sonya builds this art curriculum for programs across Goodwill regions; empowering their clients and staff.



(319)Czech refers to the area code of Cedar Rapids, Iowa It is used as a folk name to identify with Sonya’s interpretation of growing up in a particular Czech community. The folk art she creates are used as a tool to open dialogue about culture, local history, & the importance of heritage. This project connects with other communities by learning about their different traditions/stories. Sonya’s residency at ArtMill will continue her art practice themes. The land ArtMill is located on is in the region of her ancestry; Southern Bohemia. Sonya will connect to the roots of her heritage by creating art centered around its environment. She will build relationships with local villages; interacting with the community through workshops and collaborations. This residency will bring a new layer to her art’s dialogue about the importance and understanding of culture along with the continued effort to educate others on sustainable options for folk expressions. 

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