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Past Instructors

Our community of past instructors includes educators, artists and students from all over the world. 


Alex Katis

first came to Prague as a Fulbright Scholar in Film Studies and stayed to shoot an animated film.  She's been teaching animation & photography since 2006.  Check out some of her photos  When she's not at ArtMill she's out there somewhere on her bicycle.


Anna Klimentová

received her Master's degree at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. She teaches English and German at a primary school in Prague.

Khoi Vo

is currently Dean of the Architecture Department at Savannah, Georgia. He received his Master's Degree at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. An accomplished architect, Vo also ran a design company in Long Beach specializing in residential, and commercial design called Khoi Vo Design.


Alyssum Skjeie

was born in Seattle, Washington, and now lives in Southern California. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach, studying Interior Architectural Design, and Spanish. Alyssum has also taught swimming at a local club during the summer.


Kristen Raizada

is an art historian and independent curator from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of California, San Diego. Kristen has curated contemporary art exhibitions in Los Angeles and as far-reaching as Horažd'ovice, Czech Republic.


Jonathan Lee

studied Industrial Design at California State University, Long Beach. He is currently working and living in San Francisco.  He eventually plans to design for humanitarian relief projects wherever it takes him, but meanwhile is involved designing on the SS Palo Alto Project.

Anna Adler

was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to the US in 1990. She received a BS in Studio Art from New York University, with a minor in Russian & Slavic Studies. Her concentration was sculpture and working with mixed media, including clay, fabric, plaster, and light metals (jewelry). She currently working on a Master's Degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey.


Regina Heinlein

had joined several youth camps throughout Europe as a counselor and led a German summer language camp for American students in Düsseldorf for several years. She received a degree in Communication Arts and Design with a focus on illustration and fine art photography. Growing up as a forest ranger’s daughter, she holds a strong connection to nature, visible in her drawings.  Presently, she lives and works as an illustrator in Berlin.


Courtney De Mott

received her B.F.A. from California State Long Beach in Interior Architectural Design. She has taught youth art camps in California for 3 years and has a passion for various forms of art as well as environmentally and socially responsible design. She's worked as a professional for many years in the Design field.


Magdalena Vránová

loves music of all sorts. She is active in several different types of musical groups, around Horažd'ovice and the region. She studied at the Plzeň University, majoring in Music Education/Psychology and uses this in her teaching of the flute at a local Art School.


Terezka Kylianova

is studying law in Plzeň, Czech Republic. She has worked in summer camps with youth for many years.


Rachel Jean Sippy

has a Bachelor of Science in Genetics, with minor in Philosophy from Iowa State University in the U.S. Besides her science background, she has organized outdoor recreation trips and worked with organic gardening systems. She enjoys wilderness trekking, kayaking, and rock climbing.


Zuzana Koubová

is finishing the Master's degree program in the College of Education at the University Jan Evangelista Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.  She is also a first grade teacher in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.


Aleš Loziak

is studying for a Master's Degree in Photography at the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. He recently spent a semester studying in Finland. He is working as a freelancer in the spheres of photography, webdesign, webdevelopment and other visual media.

Jackie Gross

is a shoe designer based in New York City. She is the top designer at a major U.S. company, frequently traveling to China and Europe. ArtMill was lucky to get her for a couple of days to help the kids create an interior design for our Utopian TreeHouse.

Lenka Becvar

is a photographer who graduated in Studio Art at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin.  She has studied various forms of dance all her life and she loves being out in the forest more than anything. Her father was born in the Czech Republic and inspired Lenka to study in Prague the Fall semester of 2005

Dr. Renata Měřínská-Jará

worked in the Emergency Room as a medic for many years. Since 2004 she runs her own private practice of holistic medicine in the northern Czech Republic.

Zoe Abeles

has studied acting in Los Angeles since she was a little girl. Her love of drama has landed her in several plays around the metropolis.

Ali Kheradyar

is studying opera at New York University. She has been an avid dancer since childhood.

Seema Seraj

was a student counselor at ArtMill's first year open to the public. An accomplished pianist, Seema is studying in Los Angeles, California.

Tomáš Hrůza

has been described as a photographer with an activist spirit.  He studied in the studio of Pavel Baňka at the Faculty of Art & Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem.  Travel is his principle means of artistic representation and travels every year far beyond the borders of Czech Republic.  Tomáš works as a photographer and editor of Fotograf Magazine and is the co-author of ArtMap, an information platform mapping contemporary art in Czech Republic.  He is also a founding member of the organization Pilgrim, which deals with the creation of pilgrim routes and lectures connecting art, science, ecology, psychology, philosphy and civic activism.

Annie Rudnik

is a tap dancer based in Chicago.

Katerina Krizova-Cervena

specialized in Textiles and Clothing Design in college. Now she is using her skills as a museum assistant and demonstrator of the antique looms at Horazdovice Museum.

Dr. Adrian Bailey

is a Professor in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He and his wife, Megan Blake, recently relocated to Hong Kong to teach at the University.

Dr. Megan Blake

is a Professor in Human Geography and Director of Postgraduate Programs in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has worked with Roma women issues in Central Europe for a number of years.

Jon Mac Cafferty

is a painter based in New York City. He has worked in fine graphics printing and as an assistant at fine arts presses in New York.

Radka Panušková

formerly a violinist with the Plzeň Philharmonic, she now teaches at a grade school and local music school in Šumava, Czech Republic. She has toured Europe with local choirs, as well as being founding Director of Uheráček, a children's performing choir in the region.

June Gorman

is both an educator and educational theorist who has taught for the past 25 years in multiple public, alternative and multi-cultural settings, after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Environmental Education and receiving her teaching credential from University of California at Santa Cruz. Her interests are focused in the fields of International Education, as a board member of both the International Model United Nations Association and the United Nations Association of the US. She is currently writing a book on educational theory.

Allison Gravis

graduated from Redlands University in California, majoring in Environmental Studies. Her thesis project involved the environmental impact of local fishing practices on sea turtles in Baja California, Mexico. Allison taught swimming lessons at a local community pool for several years, worked as an educator at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center in the Pacific Northwest, and volunteered for an Emergency Re-building Team in New Orleans after the hurricane. She recently relocated to San Francisco to pursue a Master's Degree in Education. She is working on the SS Palo Alto Project as well as on the permanent ArtMill team.

Kim Corcoran

has been teaching English as a Second Language for over 20 years in Santa Barbara, California. She has been interested in Art since way before that, and finally started painting in 2005. Besides raising three children into successful adulthood, Kim has been an avid hiker and nature lover since her childhood. Kim is helping as an ArtMill liaison for Bohemian Workshops on the West Coast USA. 

Kaja Kliment

teaches at the Šafrankova Škola (Middle School) at Nalžovský Hory. He is an avid sportsman, as well as excellent sunken canoe rescuer.

Nick Mullinix

grew up in rural South Dakota working in his family’s pension and restaurant. He’s been to Prague several times and loves the culture here.


Laow (WantKanai Puvusit)

is a Master's student at the University in Usti nad Labem studying Chemistry. He left his family's farm in Thailand many ye ars ago, but still cooks traditional Thai food to the surprise (and delight) to of many of us who have tasted his cooking.


Clyde Mailes

grew up in Southern California where he worked at an elementary school's after school program for five years. He graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and a minor is Environmental Ethics. While there he was the general manager for the university's radio station. He also has a great passion for the outdoors and environmental issues.

Holly Boruck

works in painting, drawing and sculpture. She received her MFA from Cal State University Northridge and has a BFA in Interior Architecture from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She lives in the Los Angeles area and teaches art at Moorpark College, Pierce College, Cal State Univ. Northridge, Armory Center for the Arts and Ryman Arts.  While not teaching and working in the studio, she volunteers as an art instructor for CoachArt in Los Angeles and dances ballet.



Adriana Contreras

is from Venezuela. She graduated from University of Los Andes (Venezuela)  with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts and MA in Education from Alejandro Humboldt University. She has been teaching Spanish as a Second Language in Prague at  elementary and High School´s  for four years. She loves to draw and paint.


Danny Shain

is an artist from Southern California.
His work has been exhibited locally and internationally, participating most recently in the 2009 Venice Biennale. His paintings are included in several private and public collections, including the Long Beach Museum of Art, and the permanant collection of the Brooklyn Museum in New York. He is a graduate of Pitzer College, in Claremont CA.  Danny has taught classes at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA.,and he has been a guest teacher at other schools in Pasadena, such as Mayfield, Westridge and Art Center.



Betina Shain

Betina was born in Rosario Argentina, and came to the United States as a child. Her studies included a year in Madrid, and she is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, and Chapman College in Orange, CA. She is a child and family therapist specializing in social emotional development.


Jana Preková

is an award-winning stage and costume designer from Prague.  She has been working professionally since 1983 and is a founding member of the Theater Faculty at JAMU (Janáčkovy akademie múzických umění v Brně, The Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno) where she continues to serve as a vital cog in the teaching process, as well as at VUT (Vysoké učení technickeé v Brně, The Brno University of Technology) in the Body Design Department of the Faculty of Creative Arts where she taught from 1999-2010.  In her ‘free' time, Jana teaches workshops internationally and inspires students from around the world.

Carolanne Patterson

has been teaching in the Art Department at New York University for the past 10 years, as well as Parson's School of Design, in NYC. She holds a Master's of Fine Arts and a Bachelors of Fine Arts, both in the area of metalsmithing. She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History. She has exhibited her work in the US and Europe, and continues to show her sculpture, drawings, and jewelry. She was a Fulbright Fellow to Prague in 1993-4.  Carolanne is the U.S. based Director of Study Abroad Programs at ArtMill, leading the University-level Bohemian Workshops.

Miriam Tobin

holds a Master's degree at New York University and is the founding Director of the NYC theatre group, Modern But Classical Theatre (MBCT).  She is currently collaborating on a children's book about the environment based on folktales from Bohemia, and works out of Denver.


Marianka Dočekalová

holds a degree in Education  from Charles University in Prague, with an emphasis in Arts Education.  She works as a an author and lector at the Department of Educational Programs of Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague and previously taught art at MUM (Mother's Center), before establishing her own preschool program Kružitko. Her graphics and sculptures have been shown locally.

Sunil Garud

is an artist living and working in Mumbai (Bombay), India.  In the past he has worked as an art director in the advertising industry and has always been very curious and passionate about drawing, painting, design and photography.  He is particularly inspired by nature, travel and culture, which is often at the heart of hisself-directed work.


Alex Nichols

is an artist and writer from San Francisco.  Last summer, she was an Artist in Residence at ArtMill where she got everyone hooked on her 'concrete poetry'.  Alex thrives on the challenge of working on-site, creating work from the materiality of her surroundings, learning the history of a place and the goals of the community, land and culture.  Learn about her past exhibitions and current work on her website.

Markéta Mrázová

was ArtMill's Studio Manager and the Assistant Director of Galerie Califia.  She holds a degree in business administration and has been active in youth scouting & recreation for many years.  She is also affiliated with Domě dětí a mládeže (House of Children & Youth).  In her free time she likes to go mountain & rockclimbing.



Šarka Hnátová

taught horseback riding in Šumava in South Bohemia, that is, when she's not racing her horse, Fran.  She is an accomplished artist and craftsperson and has been sharing these skills at ArtMill for many years.

Russell Decker

is from New Orleans, Louisiana.  He has spent the last 6 months teaching in Santa Cruz de Benzana, Spain and also holds a Spanish Cooking Certificate.  He views art  as an amazing way to express oneself with unlimited boundaries and has been influenced by  his mother and grandmother, both artists.


Mark Cervenka

is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Houston, Texas where he teaches figure drawing, painting and art appreciation and also works as the Director of the O'Kane Gallery.  His own creative work was shown at the 1989 exhibition Dialogue Prague/Los Angeles in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the first American work to be shown in the then Soviet bloc country since the 1960s.


Merritt Fletcher

holds degrees from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and is working on her MFA at the University of Southern Florida.  She creates artworks that examine human and non-human relationships with the natural world.  Her work functions collectively as a garden, grown to speak about the fragility and incredible power of the human psyche.  She took part in ArtMill's Work/Study Program one summer.



Jerome Paquet

is a journalist form Lyon, France.  He holds a degree in Youth Empowerment.  His interests include sports, writing and theater improvisation.  



Floyd Newsum

is a Professor of Arts & Humanities at the University of Houston where he teaches drawing, painting and art appreciation.   His paintings and prints are in private collections, public museums, universities, and public institutions.  His  public art projects include two Houston Metro Light Rail Station art designs and seven sculptures for the Main Street Square Station in Houston, Texas.  In 2008, Floyd was one of ten Artists to receive the Artadia Artist Grant from New York.


Lexy Strong

was Art Dialogue's & ArtMill's Programme Director. She is a working artist and a recent college graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with and MA in Arts Administration and Policy. With five years of teaching various media to all age groups, her pedagogical theory steams from a multidisciplinary approach using creativity and art as the basis for growth and sustainability. Bringing forth, new perspectives, awareness and progressive thought not just in education but also in many aspects of the creative process.


Petr Prokopík

is a member of Art Dialogue, o.s.  Originally from Prague, Petr received Ph.D in Anthropology from Charles University in 2008 with a specialization in ‘Anthropology of Sexuality'. He has carried out research in gypsy camps in Eastern Slovakia and participated in numerous projects targeting the gypsy population, immigrants and refugees in the Czech Republic.  He has been lecturing Cultural Anthropology at  Charles University in Prague and at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen.  Currently he is running his own travel company Prague4gay and continuing his research in the field of Anthropology of Sexuality collaborating with UCLA.

Mariana Dočekalová

is a member of Art Dialogue, o.s. and Assistant Director at ArtMill's Summer Camp.  She holds a degree in Education  from Charles University in Prague, with an emphasis in Arts Education.  She works as a an author and lector at the Department of Educational Programs of Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague and previously taught art at MUM (Mother's Center), before establishing her own preschool program Kružitko. Her graphics and sculptures have been shown locally.


Antonín Melka ("Tonda")

was ArtMill's Master Welder and general Handyman for nearly fifteen years, beginning in 2004. Known to be able to do anything, including helping students make sculptures out of any material, building rafts, hauling boulders, making furniture or lifting a caravan into a tree, he was an irreplaceble part of the Red Mill. Tonda retired in 2017, but remains part of the ArtMill family.

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