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"With its contemplative pace, open space, and diverse voices, ArtMill brought much clarity to my art and my life".  

       - Jacqueline, Moore College of Art Student, Bohemian Workshops 2010

"ArtMill reminded me of the joy of working and producing together.  At the end, I realize that the main aim of the program was not simply a painting on paper or even the project itself but the experience of communicating with young people from different countries and starting a dialogue about our art."  

        - Irem Cagil, Publisher, Istanbul, Turkey.  Bohemian Workshops EU 2011 


"ArtMill affected my life and education profoundly.  As a student in a non-art field, it taught me to look at the world through a new, more creative lens. The skills and ideas I brought home from ArtMill have proven time and again to be a great asset to me in my International Education career and I continue to be grateful I had the opportunity to participate in the program." 

       - Sarah, New York University Student, Bohemian Workshops 2010


"ArtMill was an amazing and unique experience; we were immersed in Czech culture, worked next to master artists and formed relationships both for friendship and future collaboration."  

       - Amanda, New York University student, Bohemian Workshops 2010

"ArtMill is the kind of place that begs to have its portrait rendered. Its peacefulness is full of subtle surprises such as sudden changes in the weather and the equally sudden overtaking of the road by tiny baby frogs, no bigger than your thumbnail. You can find a space all your own in the mill or on the grounds and cozy up there to concentrate on your art and when lunchtime rolls around you will find good company and good food. I felt inspired surrounded by nature and by true artists. It‘s not surprising that the work I made at ArtMill had as its focus the captivating people and animals of ArtMill, the town of Horazdovice, and the city of Prague."
 - Jackie, New York University Student, Bohemian Workshops 2010


"I improved my knowledge about how one human can be sustainable with art and how one can improve one’s connection with nature. It is good to connect art and nature and sustainability."
       - Alper, Bohemian Workshops 2011


"This is my first experience with ArtMill and I think if I look back on this in a year or 2 and I’m going to remember this, I will probably remember the whole experience like the environment here, living with the horses and working in the workshops here and everything has just been kind of like a weird fairytale in a way."
- Petter Vorren, Norway, Bohemian Workshops 2011

"I think I will remember the most the people because they are really great and really funny and it was really great to meet people from another countries like Turkey and Norway, Spain and America."
- Roman, Bohemian Workshops 2011

"I really love the fire and the tea on the fire and feeding the fire. It was also a lot of fun with the different workshops, hearing about different artists and what they did. When we were presenting, it was interesting to see what other people are doing, seeing how incredibly talented everybody else is which was fun and intimidating at the same time."
 - Miriam, Oslo, Norway, Bohemian Workshops 2011

"The things I remember from ArtMill are the freedom of the group, all the things I learned about all types of art, the experience of the work and with other partners, and the landscape."
- Miguel, Spain, Bohemian Workshops 2011

"It’s like how you can learn and how you can work without any pressure, any stress. It’s another kind of education but it really works"
 - Lucia, Spain, Bohemian Workshops 2011

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