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Artist Residency.

ArtMill has hosted a variety of talented and inspiring artists from around the world since 2014. We are currently accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2023! 



Beginning in 2005, with the acclaimed american artist/activist Kim Abeles as our first artist-in-residence, ArtMill has hosted artists each season to come and have the luxury of time and space away from urban life to focus on their projects. Generally, the theme is related to an aspect of ArtDialog's general mission or current programming. 

Past Artists.

Jill Giegerich (USA) 2010

Alex Nichols (USA) 2011

Martin Zet (CZ) 2011

Hugh Livingston (USA) 2011

Janeil Engelsted (USA),

Oto Hudec (SK) 2012

Lise Wulff (NO) 2012

Kathleen Graves (USA) 2012

Dee Hibbert-Jones (UK/US)

& Nomi Talisman (IL) 2008

Vladimír Kokolia (CZ) 2006

Kim Abeles (USA) 2005

and more...

Anna Quiroz 2023

Margita Titlová (CZ) 2019

Felicia Rice (USA) 2019

Chris Jordan (USA) 2018

Antonello Villani (IT) 2018

Enrique Leal (ES/USA) 2018

Lewis Watts (USA) 2016

Sonya Darrow (CZ/USA) 2014

Mick Lorusso (USA) 2014

Ken Marchionno (USA) 2015

Robin Price (USA) &

Keiji Shinohara (JP) 2009

The Program.


Our residency program is open to artists in the broad sense of the word: poets, scientists, writers, dancers, musicians, thinkers, creators, farmers, builders, performers or painters of the future. 

Residencies are a week to a few months in duration and encompass the artist becoming a member of our community and network, whether that be helping out in the gardens, cooking farm-to-table meals, or building a new woodshed. 



Gifted to ArtMill by Czech artist Krištof Kintera, the Tree Caravan is a part of the tiny house movement and one of our quirkier spaces.

Price: 250€/week 

Included: private sleeping space, shared bathroom, one shared meal/day,

shared kitchen


The Houseboat is our most private space, located a hundred meters from the Mill, it lies directly on the banks of The Red Lake. 

Price: 300€/week 

Included: private space, wood burning stove, outhouse, one shared meal/day,

shared kitchen


Located beneath a chestnut forest, this newly converted stable is the hub of our community and offers a large private room on the ground floor. The second floor is reserved for shared studio spaces.

Price: 350€/week 

Included: private room, shared bathroom, one shared meal/day, shared kitchen

Guest Room.

Located by our central courtyard, the guest room comes with a private bathroom and a queen sized bed and can accommodate two people.

Price: 350€/week 

Included: private space, private bathroom with shower, one shared meal/day,

shared kitchen


This year we are proud to open a newly reconstructed private loft studio space above the Barn Gallery that has hosted group and solo exhibitions since 2014.

Price: 400€/week 

Included: private space, private bathroom with shower, one shared meal/day,

shared kitchen

Apply for Residency:

Please take a moment to fill out the form.


Thanks for submitting!

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