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Newton Harrison: Art & Climate, a Changing European Landscape

Exploring real solutions to climate change and plans for an upcoming project right here in the Czech republic with a pioneer of environmental art, Newton Harrison. At the American Embassy in Prague.


Matter/energy can be transformed from one form to another. Matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed. When matter/energy is transformed from one form to another, there is a net loss. This loss is called entropy. A system that has been transformed and lost energy moves towards high entropy. A system that has its energies intact is a low entropy system. If a forest in a watershed is clear-cut, all the energies in the wood Are transformed and dispersed. The energy within topsoil, the energies embedded in the Earth dependent habitats supporting a multiplicity of lives as a consequence of erosion is dispersed. The entropy of the watershed has been increased by the dispersal of these energies, the energy so dispersed cannot be retrieved.


Helen and Newton Harrison (USA)

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