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2023 Study Abroad.

Art In The Global Context. 

In this immersive studio art class, with the University of California, Santa Cruz (USA), students will create site-responsive sculptures, drawings, performances, and installations that explore art in a global context. Using the rich history and culture of central Europe as the site and locale, the class will travel to contemporary art museums, cultural and historical sites in Prague and Berlin (1 week), then create responsive artworks on-site at Artmill's center for sustainability, in the Bohemian countryside, Czech Republic (2 weeks). Studio assignments, lectures, conceptual and fabrication practices, and critiques will be led by UCSC Professor Dee Hibbert-Jones, as well as visiting faculty and artists from the Czech Republic. Students will create original artworks that explore the complex relationship between object-making, place-making, aesthetics, and cultural identity through four themed projects with a strong emphasis on art, sustainability and regeneration. Working with found objects on-site, performance, photography, and new media, students will present their work in a final exhibition in the Barn Gallery, which will be open to the public on August 18, 2023.


Work areas for students to create and explore creative methods and mediums and tools to support them.


Specialized workshops for students to gain new insights about the intersection of Art and Regenerative practices.


Lectures provided by renowned Czech artists, focusing on postcolonial studies, environment, and globalization.

2019 Study Abroad.

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