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Center for Regenerative Arts.

Photo by: Foto Fišer


Our vision is to expand the definition of art into the larger cultural context. Our center fosters creativity and its innate connection to the natural world; a place where nature and culture meet that is holistic, experiential, sustainable, and regenerative.


ArtMill started in 2004 as an international summer camp for children and youth. We've since expanded to offer a wide variety of educational programs, from community outreach to university and college study abroad program programs, focused around sustainability, regeneration, and the arts.


Organic Farm.

We've been growing and expanding our organic gardens since 1996, striving for self-sufficiency and offering an alternative to industrial farming practices. Our produce feeds and nourishes our community, residents, and students during all our programs.


Artist Residency.

The land and spaces of ArtMill have always inspired creativity. Residencies give creatives the immersive holistic experience of living and working on a regenerative farm, while becoming part of an international artist community. 


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Donations are greatly appreciated and help keep our organization and center open. Your gift contributes to scholarships for emerging artists, infrastructure and garden upkeep and, as of this year, the study of species adaptation to climate change, and the concurrent creation of blueprints, making our climate mitigation and adaptation research and databases widely available to the public.

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Contact Us.

ArtMill Center for Regenerative Arts

Miřenice 36, 341 01 Horažďovice, Czech Republic

+420 724 703 409

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